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5 Steps to Detox Your Mind

Updated: May 3, 2020

Start by changing the way we think

We have to start thinking about doing things that make us feel good !things we only dream about doing thing we see people do on TV or on social media (yes you can do it too)

Write down what make you feel happy

1.Read inspiratinal Books
2.Do fun and joyful rememberable things with your family
3.Help others! I dont know about you but when I can help someone it alway bring me great joy.Just a smile will do.
4.Join or subscribe to a inspiratinal group in your community now with covid-19 join a online group (like sister inspire) I hear it a great new blog check it out!
5.Do something for yourself that make you feel really good and happy and ful of joy!(I said for yourself)”


Start exercising taking care of you and your body watch what you put in your mouth, as I am writing this I am working to change for myself I want you all to know I am not there yet. I want you all to join us in our journey we can do this together. What we write it for us first then it gose out.

Change thoughts

It's very important to change your thoughts take control of what you think in your mind, try to think postive all the time. (easy said then done)

Get Inspired

Good luck!

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