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My Creativity Journal is a journal that I think every woman needs. #lovetoshare

Updated: May 3, 2020

Rediscover your creativity and live the life you truly want. a quote from the book by Liz Dean please go out and buy this journal you will love it.

Your Creativity

“we all are creativity.”

Are you ready to bring out your creativity and to grow your ideas? yes,( we are ready). We all are creative it comes naturally when we are young with no cares in the world other then please ourselves, as adults we lose our creativity we are told we need to do real work to be successful in life, research shows that those who value their creativity see real success in their life.

Doing what you love to do

when you are doing what you love to do it makes you feel good and feel happy you will be doing what you love you will be more effective and productive in anything you do. (that is what I am trying to do now) never too late, so let's go

Being creative is being original

Show off your style, and tell your story.”

Start writing all the things you enjoy doing things that make you feel good and happy and eager to do again go places that inspire your creativity and let personality shine!

Let's start living the life we truly want

let's start by writing theses 8 statement down

1.I love God myself my family my friends and my life!

2.I am bless and grateful for everything God has done for me .

3. I am healthy relax and peaceful.

4. I will earn 159,000 or more each month.

5. I will attract large amounts of money every month.

6. I am excited ,love and happy.


8. I am in love adventurous and productive

. Good luck!

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